15 February 2009

Has Google just killed Nuevasync?

I've been using NuevaSync with my iPhone for a while now. It was just what I needed, allowing me to pull my Google calendar down into the iPhone's calendar and push edits on my iPhone back to Google. Lovely. And a recent update even made it so that multiple calendars in Google show up as different colours in the iPhone calendar.

Last week, Google launced a beta of their new Google Sync which allows you to connect to Google with ActiveSync (as if it were an Exchange server). Splat - and there goes the need for NuevaSync.

It's obviously not quite as black and white as that - NuevaSync do other things as well, and Google don't yet do the multi-calendar colour thing - but you have to be wondering how this is going to impact NuevaSync's model.

And it's not just NuevaSync. There are a whole host of small companies or individuals who are doing a fantastic job of setting up systems that provide value-add to the applications from the big boys - just look at all the apps that have sprung up around Twitter or FaceBook. So do all these people have to live in fear that one day they'll get squashed from above?

In the mean-time, I'm going to use Google Sync for my contacts (sorry NuevaSync, but it removes a layer of complexity), and SaiSuke for my calendar (as it renders much better than the iPhone's built-in). How long I continue to use IzyMail for my Hotmail before they get stomped remains to be seen...
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