28 January 2009

FriendFeed developers, give us some love!

I like FriendFeed a lot. It has displaced FaceBook and my PS3 as the thing I do when I'm not doing anything. And there are new things happening on it all the time, so the developers are obviously hard at work. And they have a FriendFeed feedback room where people talk about the things they want, and they have bug submission forms, etc., etc.

But I've no idea whether the developers really pay attention to what people say in the room or the forms. Given the fix-it Fridays I guess they're looking at the bugs, but who drives the new features?

Well, it should be us, the users.

And this may be happening, but there's no way of telling.

I wrote previously about UserVoice, and I'm bringing it up again now because I think this is exactly what FriendFeed needs. I'll even give you the piccy again:

Let us tell you as a community what's important to us, and let us see what you're doing about it.

And of course if you managed to do some cool integration between the feedback room and the UserVoice page that'd be even sweeter - comments map to comments, likes map to votes, don't need to register separately and so on.

Go on, show us some love!
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